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You are now bidding for:
Vinyl Blade for Summa
(30 / 45 / 60 degree blade)
-- 5 blades in 1 box --

Suitable for all kinds of industral cutting materials, such as flocks, masking tape, reflective materials, vinyl etc.

~Brand New in Box~

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1. Made in Cemented Carbide.
2. High quality and Extra long life.
3. Five blades in one box.
4. Suitable for SummaCut & D series plotter.
5. Blade size: 19.5mm (Length) x about 1.5mm (diameter)
6. Available angles for difference condition: 30, 45 and 60 degree.


If you not specific which angle you want to order after bidding, we will post you 5X 45degree , please note.


Q1: Why does zigzag happen to the cutter?
A1: As the plotter's motor are in high speed, the cutting speed shall be adjusted according to size of character. The common speed are show as below:

Size of font (mm) Speed
< 10 10 - 20
10 - 30 30
30 - 50 40 - 50
50 - 500 60
>500 70-80

Q2: Why do some nicks deep, while some shallow when cutting?
A2: As there are a soft PVC materials as blade strip cushion to protect blade. But it may be rough after using in a long period. If is not too worse, just adjust blade, or increase blade press.

Q3: The meterials are damaged and folded when cutting, what is the happened?
A3: The pressure or speed of you plotter are too deep and heavy, you should change their unit in order to get a suitable value.

Q4: The difference between 30, 45 and 60 degree are showed as below:

The above information is for reference only, will be affect by the difference brands of material suppliers, and the rough of the blades, please note.

For other questions, please contact us by Email:



Left: Show you that the package of the blade. Each box contain 5 blades, and each of them are protected by a plastic cover. (The colour of the plastic cover is not standard, no matter 30, 45 or 60 degree blade.)

Right: Show you that the cover information of the box. Which have our Logo, unit per items, materials of the blades, our contact e-mail and the angle of blade which you purchase.


1. We are fully understand the manipulation of the product.
1. We can provide the 24hours technician support to our clients.

2. If you are getting problems in using the product, we will provide the step by step
2. instruction in PDF format for you.


All questions will be reply promptly within 24hours.

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