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Banner Welder Without Glue - 3000F

Good companion of poster painting machines, without glue & environment care & hi-efficient & saving more manpower

~Brand New in Box~

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1. Use for welding banner surface made of heat-melted material, such as PVC, PE fabric.
2. Easy to maintain, operation is simple.
3. Designed according to the hot-breeze theory, the adoption is from self-move and heat-treated prinicple.
4. Save more manpower and work field, 200meters PVC can be finished by 1 person and smooth base ground about 50 square meters.
5. A more efficient companion for advertising material instead of the glue.


Left: The new designed heat cell system, made by glass the heat can be transfer in a faster, stable and safety way.

Right: With a digital display for the speed and tempreture, can be tune more accurately.


You can use the machine to do anythings, such as:

- Outdoor Banner.
- An advertisement for booth.
- In house poster for own shop...etc.
You can develop your creation by this machine, it can made your dream come true!

220V / 50Hz
Upper limit power 2000W, average 800W
Work temperature
50 to 600 (Can be tune)
Self-move speed
0.8 to 15 meters / mins (Can be tune)
Whole weight
10 Kg
Product size
400mm x 300mm x 280mm

★All unit are package in thick carton and foam for your valuable purchase.


Step 1.) Put two banner edge on floor and one on top and down, and fix it (can be remove)
Step 2.) Worm up your Fused Machine (30 seconds)
Step 3.) Bring Fused Machine Gun between the two banner edge,
Step 3.) setting temperature and speed.
Step 4.) Push forward Fused Machine and completed working.

A step by step instruction (within pictures and literary) is packaged with the machine, it can help to increased your work more efficiency.

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2. If you are getting problems in using the product, we will provide the step by step
2. instruction in PDF format for you.

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