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Magstripe PVC
Credit Card Encoder

(Hico/Loco Tracks 1, 2 & 3)

A necessary equipment at the end of the process of producing PVC card.

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MSR605 Manual Swipe Magnetic Card Reader/Writer is ideal for access control, time keeping, banking, ID recognition & credit verification and related applications. In fact, wherever a magnetic stripe ID or transaction card is used, one can find a related use for the versatile, user-friendly MSR605 reader/writer.

It is designed to offer a reading and writing solution of high and/or low coercivity cards that will attractively complement an existing system.

The MSR605 series is designed to read and/or write high or low coercivity magnetic cards. It can encode and verify up to 3 tracks of data simultaneously. It communicates with a host computer or other terminal using a usb interface.

It is suitable for the production of small lot and many varieties cards in many industries, such as market, center of amusement and dining, stock certificate bargain center, bank and the insurance etc.

You can develop your creation by this machine, it can made your dream come true!

Power Supply 100V - 240V, 50/60Hz
Interface USB
Media Life 500,000 passes for both
read and write heads
Swipe Manual, single direction
Operating environment -10oC to 60oC,
10 to 85% humidity, non condensing
-30oC to 70oC,
10 to 90% humidity, non condensing
Dimensions 212mm(W) x 63mm(H) x 63mm(T)
Weight 1.3Kg

* The screenshot of the software.

Read Circuit Track 1&3 - 210bpi
Track 2 - 75 or 210 bpi
Bit per Char 5-7 bit per char.
Media Speed Read, 5-50 ips
(read speed 5-40 ips for track 2 at 210bpi)
Write, 5-30
Media Coercivity Read 300-4000 Oe Mag. Card
Write 300-4000 Oe Mag. Card
Media Thickness 0.76-1.2mm
Jitter Card Read bit to bit interval <+/-15% card
Write bit to bit interval <+/-10%,
Sub interval<+/-12% at 30ips
★All unit are package in carton and foam for your valuable purchase.

1. Power on your system (PC).
2. Setup the usb driver(for windows xp or vista) and Setup the driver for MSR605.
2. ( all driver in the CD.)
3. Connect USB of the MSR605 signal cable to a free serial port .
4. Connect Power-in cable to Power supply and AC receptacle (110V~240V).

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2. If you are getting problems in using the product, we will provide the step by step
2. instruction in PDF format for you.

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