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Blank PVC Card
With Magnetic Stripe
LoCo 1-3


★ Producted to the same ISO standard as
Credit Card ★ ( CR80 30mil PVC Card )


~Brand New in package~

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1. With LoCo III-Track Magnetic Stripe.
2. Graphic can be print on both sides of Card surface by
2. all dye-sublimation PVC Card Printers.
3. 50 pieces in 1 package.
4. Size: 85mm (Width) x about 54mm (Height) x 760 micron / 30mil (Thick).
4. (Same ISO standard as Credit Card.)
it is suitable for the production of small lot and many varieties cards in many industries, such as market, center of amusement and dining, stock certificate bargain center, bank and the insurance etc.

You can develop your creation by this machine, it can made your dream come true!
Left: Front side of the PVC Card.
Right: Back side of the PVC Card with LoCo I, II, III Track Magnetic Stripe.

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