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Ucancam V9
Wave Board

Engraving Software

(With Operation Video disc)

Available for Windows 2000, XP,
Vista & the Windows 7

~Brand New in Box~

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The Ucancam V9 Wave Board software not only included all main functions of the 3D Engraving Software, but also included the Wave Board Features.
Ucancam V9 Wave Board software can help you do anything , such as:
- Wave Boards
- Light-box advertisement.
- Folding screen door.
- Make sign mark through Area Clearance.
- Insert and inlay.
- Image engraving and stripping.
- Relief, etc.
What is Wave Board ?
Wave boards are made from MDF boards, and wave-shaped drawings are made on the surface through computers. It is widely used in shopping malls, villas, conference rooms, interior decoration, etc. Various artistic effects can be achieved through different treatment of MDF boards.

You can develop your creation by this software, it can made your dream come true!

Operation system: Windows2000, XP, Vista & Windows 7
CPU: Intel Pentium II, 300 or above, or same-level CPU, (preferable P4 2.4G or above)
RAM: 128MB or above, preferable 256MB
Hard disk: 500M
Monitor display: resolution 800 x 600, 256 colors, preferable 1024 x 768, true colour
CD drive: CD-ROM/DVD driver
Port: available with Mouse port and USB 2.0 port

Through Ucancam V9 wave board software, such existing wave board designs as lines, curves, waves can be created on MDF boards; users can also create original and unique designs with Ucancam V9. In addition, characters or graphs can be cut on finished wave boards to meet users’ special requirements.

* After finished the pattern, client can cut out a space bt the text or shape, in order to coordinate with your own design.

By selecting a different tool, the texture size, the size of the tool path interval, plane-like lines, undulating lines and wave-angle setting, it will have difference result, as follow:

1.) Straight-line Texture   2.) Curved Texture   3.) Straight-line Wave Texture
4.) Curved Wave Texture   5.) Wire pattern Texture   Texture Trimming Function
The other main functions are showed as below:

Embossing / Prism Machining:
You can make plastic-absorbing light boxes mould, breast cards and metallic moulds easily and efficiency.

Automatic Nesting:
Several objects with different shapes and sizes can be put in a frame so as to save as much materials as possible.

Image Relif Machining:
3D images can be imported and then relief toolpath can be created.

Engraving Simulation:
Engraving effects can be previewed through engraving simulation to reduce trail machining as well as cost. This function also helps you to select a proper tool path.


Left: Clients can learn how to operation the V9 software by the video disc, each of them are show in step by step, and will play automatically.

Right: Show you that the real time video capture. (resolution: 800 x 700).


* The USB dongle must be connected before running the Ucancam V9 PRO software.

1. We are fully understand the manipulation of the product. We can provide the 24hours technician support to our clients.
2. If you are getting problems in using the product, we will provide the step by step instruction in 2. PDF format for you.

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